Foto: Herbert LiedelSynagogendenkmal (Spitalbrücke)

Memorial to the synagogue which was built here in 1874 and demolished by the National Socialists in 1938 (cf. illustration; stele, 1970; relief, 1988).


Schuldturm (Heubrücke)

The so-called "Männer- und Weibereisen". Two towers of the river bulwark of the penultimate city wall (ca 1323), subsequently used as debtors’ prisons (hence the name "his-and-hers lock-up").


Katharinenruine (Peter-Vischer-Straße)

Ruins of the Dominican convent church of St. Katharine (endowed 1295). After the Reformation, parish church. 1620–1778, singing school of the Mastersingers; 1699–1819, painting academy. Destroyed 1945. Now used for open-air events. Main convent building, since 1983, the public library.