Foto: Herbert LiedelConstruction of the three-aisled basilical Church of St. Lorenz began in the late 13th century. The broad hall choir with ambulatory and chapels was erected 14391477 by Konrad Heinzelmann. The net vaulting is a masterpiece of Late Gothic stone carving. The twin-towered west facade portal with sculpted tympanum, rose window and ornately decorated gable is especially impressive.

Interior: Tabernacle by Adam Kraft, 149396 (H, 18.7 m; endowed by Hans Imhoff). Annunciation by Veit Stoss, 151718 (endowed by Anton Tucher), with life-sized linden wood figures in an ovoid frame of rose blossoms and medallions. Numerous fine 15th and 16th century altars.

After suffering severe damage during WW II, St. Lorenz has been restored to its medieval state.