Foto: Herbert LiedelThe Church of St. Sebald was built after ca 1230 as a late Romanesque piered basilica with two choirs, nave and side aisles, eastern transept and twin-towered western facade. The elevated west choir and the nave stem from this building phase. After 1309, the side aisles were widened in Gothic style. 1361-79, construction of the three-aisled late Gothic hall choir to replace the late Romanesque east choir and transept.

Exterior: tomb of the Schreyer-Landauer family (1492, Adam Kraft); Interior: Madonna in Glory (1425/30), epitaph of the Tucher family (1513, Hans von Kulmbach); St. Andrew (1505-07) and Crucifixion group (1520; both by Veit Stoss); stained glass windows of the east choir (ca 1380).

The bronze shrine of St. Sebald (1508-19, workshop of Peter Vischer) contains the bones of the patron saint, who died near Nürnberg sometime before 1070.