Foto: Herbert LiedelUp to its roof-ridge, the house is an imposing seven storeys high (and at the east end, eight!). From 1328 to 1470 it was owned by the wealthy Schürstab family (who endowed the finest stained-glass window in St. Sebald’s newly built choir in 1380). Obviously composed of two earlier houses, the building did not acquire its present form until 1482. At that time it was owned by a merchant. Later owners were city councilor (and traitor!) Anton Tetzel and, in the 17th century, the Fetzer family. Following years of neglect, the roof burned out in 1943. The house, however, survived the war. Recently restored (1995-97), the historic Schürstabhaus is an architectural monument of the highest order (Hypokulturstiftung award, 1998).