Foto: Herbert LiedelThe intersection of the Krämersgassen (Krämer = grocer) is today one of the best preserved corners of the old town. Craftsmen’s houses, whose narrow facades combine half-timbering and sandstone, stand side by side with stately sandstone structures - there is no recognizable class segregation. From 1453 to 1484, Obere Krämersgasse 12 (built 1395) was the home of scholar and benefactor Georg Keyper. The upper storeys of the corner house opposite exhibit unusually early half-timbering (1452). Note the variety of dormer windows (especially that of the Keyper house).

The small inner courtyards of both Obere and Untere Krämersgasse 16 can be visited whenever the front doors are open.

Attention: please retrace your steps to return to the last/next corner.