Foto: Herbert LiedelJohannisfriedhof (Johannisstraße)

St. Johnís cemetery is famed for the harmonious uniformity of its flat, horizontal tombstones (cf. illustration). Numerous fine bronze epitaphs (16th century and later); graves of Albrecht Dürer and other historic personalities.


Hesperidengärten (Johannisstraße)

Since the Middle Ages, the gardens of the urban population lay beyond the city walls. Many former kitchen gardens were remodeled in the spirit of the Baroque (as "Gardens of the Hesperides") during the 17th/18th centuries. Built over during the 19th century. Since 1988, restoration of several gardens in the Johannisstrasse.


Adam-Kraft-Kreuzweg (Burgschmietstraße, Johannisstraße)

The way from the Tiergärtnertor ("Pilatushaus") to the cemetery is lined by copies of seven reliefs depicting the Stations of the Cross (Adam Kraft, 1507/08; the formerly free-standing originals are now in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum). The Crucifixion group now stands in the "Kreuzigungshof" of the Heilig-Geist-Spital.