Foto: Herbert LiedelThe so-called "House of Pilate", whose three half-timbered storeys are crowned by an octagonal ridge dormer (early/mid 16th century), was built at the end of the Gothic period (1489) by the noted armorer Hans Grünwald. His house sign, a statue of St. George and the Dragon, probably depicts the sort of plate armor produced in the late 15th century in the workshop of Grünwald for high ranking patrons. The name "Pilatushaus" is based on the erroneous assumption that this was the starting point of the Stations of the Cross (by Adam Kraft) leading out to St. Johnís cemetery.

From 1852 to 1857, the Pilatushaus was the Nürnberg residence of Hans von Aufsess, founder of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum. Over the door, his coat of arms (1853).