"Nuorenberc" (Felsenberg)


Foto: Herbert LiedelHumanist explanations of the name "Nürnberg" for example, that the city was called after the Roman emperor Nero or named for a Germanic and Celtic tribe (e.g. Narisci or Norici) have no basis in fact. Equally unlikely are such 19th century interpretations as "Nur-ein-Berg" (only one hill).

Today, two different interpretations prevail: one derives the name from the old high German word "nuor"/"nor", meaning rock or cliff; the other sees it as coming from a personal name "Noro"/"Noru". So far, there is no documentary evidence for a person of this name in the vicinity of Nürnberg, whereas nobody can fail to notice the conspicuous sandstone crag of the castle hill.