Foto: Herbert LiedelDuring the Middle Ages, the most imperial diets and court days took place in Nürnberg’s castle; between 1050 and 1571 every Holy Roman emperor held court here.

There are three main building complexes:

1) Remains of the Burggrafenburg (center), seat of the burgrave or castle count (imperial administrator); at core, Salian (Heinrich III).

2) Kaiserburg (west), one of the most important imperial residences of the Middle Ages. Built under the Salians; enlarged by the Hohenstaufens (Friedrich Barbarossa and his successors). Renovated under Friedrich III.

3) Buildings of the free city of Nürnberg (east and north). The tower Luginsland, 1377; Kaiserstallung (imperial stables; now youth hostel), built 1495/97 as a granary; 1538-45, addition of the bastions.