Foto: Herbert LiedelTucherschloss (Hirschelgasse)

Built 1533–1544 as garden villa of the Tucher family. Since 1971, museum for the history of the patriciate (cf. illustration). In the year 2000, the "Hirsvogel hall", with wood-carvings by Peter Flötner (1534), was reconstructed in the villa garden.


Pellerhaus (Egidienplatz)

Once Nürnberg’s grandest private house with an exquisite arcaded courtyard (by Jakob Wolff, 1602–07, in a manneristic style). Destroyed 1945. Ground floor incorporated into a new building, part of the arcades preserved.


Sieben Zeilen (Webersplatz)

To accommodate weavers brought in from Swabia, five rows of town houses (15 in all) were built in 1489 on the leveled moat of the penultimate city wall. In 1524, two further rows were added. Destroyed, 1943/45; rebuilt, 1966.