Foto: Herbert LiedelThe Fembo House (named for a 19th century owner) is Nürnberg’s largest surviving Renaissance house. It was built 1591–96 for the Dutch silk merchant, Philipp von Oyrl. The architect was probably Jakob Wolff. Showy facade with sandstone oriel, statue of Fortuna and allegories of the four elements. Original furnishings include a Baroque stucco ceiling by Carlo Brentano, a wood-paneled "family room" and stucco work by Donato Polli.

The redesigned City Museum in the Fembohaus opened in 2000 under the motto "Back to History". The new presentation focuses on the history of the city and the house, using the latest exhibition and information techniques, as well as museum objects and the rooms themselves to bring Nürnberg’s past to life for modern visitors.